1685 Days!!!

Keep Livin thats my plan!!


Today is National Cancer Survivors day.  1685 days ago I was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma in my right thigh.  Because of my Loving wife, friends and family I am still here.  To all my fellow Survivors keep up your fight and LIVE.

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7 thoughts on “1685 Days!!!

  1. YAY! A true cause for celebration! It’s wonderful so see you, zman!

    My oldest sister is still fighting the fight. She’s in her seventh round of chemo (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) and she’s definitely in the fight of her life, but she’s doing it with grace and with humor. I have shared your story with her. She says to tell you that you are a true inspiration for her.

    • Talon

      Well thank you thats very kind. I hate freakin hate cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to your sister. If you want i can email her or text or something. Anything i can do to help. The most important thing is the support group we surround ourselves with, that is our shield of armor. Penelope my wife just beat BC. THERE IS LIFE AFTER IT, beat it back. In the meantime, I am here with a helping hand a smile if need be….zman sends

  2. Mac- you look great even after all these years! I wish you many more years of happiness and health. It is a privilege to know you! We are moving to Canada this week (it’s been a crazy past few months)- but I really hope we can stay in touch. You are a blessing – I hope you know that!

    • Andrea

      No you cant go. Moving no no no …….was looking fwd to finally sitting down and having lunch when lisa and i moved up there. Whats in Canada. I wish you all the best that this life has to offer. I will miss you…but yeah lets keep in touch….inbox me on FB and i will give my number and such. you will always be my friend. mac…and thank you on the compliment thats very kind of you……mac

  3. I love this picture of you!

  4. Aww look at you Zman!

    Love your tattoos! And you are an amazing and strong person who is blessed with a great support system!! So glad you are still here and healthy!

  5. matthew mcdermott

    you will be missed love you bro

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