Guilty or Not Guilty!!

You Decide!!

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the First Addition of You Decide.  In this case I will be asking for a simple Guilty or Not Guilty vote in the case of Highwayman vs The blog world and FB world.  I will lay out all the facts in this case and let you decide if Highwayman is either guilty or not guilty of poor judgement.

Fact:  On the morning of 9 June 2012, I received a phone call from my mother telling me that My grandmother had died earlier in the morning. She was 93 and had been sick for quite a while.

Fact:  Growing up,  my grandmother had a big impact on myself and my brothers.  Highway is one of my older brothers. It was always fun going to Grandmothers house for Christmas and holidays.  I am willing to bet that all of my siblings have fond memories of big cereals bowls and watching pro wrestling at midnight at grandma’s house.

Fact:  Grandma immersed herself in our hobbies growing up.  I watched Yankee games with her and she was wildly interested in helping my brother (Slickman) build his baseball card collection.  Which was priced some years ago at more than 4,000 dollars.

Fact:  My brother Highwayman on the morning following my Grandmothers passing, posted comments about my Grandmother that could be described by most as insulting, inflammatory and lacked a basic decency.  All of my grandmother children are still alive and could have viewed the FB post.

Now I ask you if you were a godson or daughter or cousin or uncle how would you view behaviour like that.  Highway has had plenty of time to tell his side of the story in the past years, but only came forward with all this nastiness the day after Grandma’s passing. That to me sounds like it was done with malicious intent and its intent was to hurt those that were around grandma…You decide  GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY.

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7 thoughts on “Guilty or Not Guilty!!

  1. Having just lost my brother..(Thank you Zman for your very dear words)…I cannot imagine why ANYONE would do such a thing as you described…WHY? Why would he do that? I think it is beyond atrocious. It is truly sick, in my view. HE has a Big Big Problem and needs to address that before he hurts more people. Do you think his experience of your Grandmother was that different from yours??
    Very Very Sad, my dear Zman….Sad for you and your family and for your dear departed Grandmother..

  2. Having recently lost both my mother and my brother, I can truly say that it is a time when emotions run high and, yes, your brother’s behavior is reprehensible in light of the loss your family is now dealing with. Sadly, though, there are many in this world whose idea of what constitutes good and kind and decent behavior is so far removed from our reality of what should be – and most especially at a time of grieving. I’m sorry your brother chose to share in such a manner as to cause such pain, zman. I’m truly sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hold all those fine memories close and don’t let your brother’s despicable behavior spoil a special time of honoring all that your Grandmother brought to your life.

    • There it is…i am sure my brother will get through this. I am very sorry for you loss. Thanks for the kind words…zman sends

  3. Guilty! She’s 93 for goodness sakes!

  4. I commented on this yesterday, but somehow my reply has vaporized. Having dealt with the loss of both my mother and youngest brother in the last seven months, I know how high emotions run at times of loss, but that does not in any way, shape or form excuse what your brother has done. Some people just seem to have the common decency to keep such thoughts to themselves or, at the very least, share them privately and not publicly. I hope this does not in any way take away from you honoring your Grandmother’s memory and all the fine and fun things she brought to your life, zman. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time…

  5. Just to let you know there is an award for you on my blog. 🙂

    • LL Cool

      Well thank you thats very kind of you. Means alot too me that someone takes time out of their day to read my blog. Thanks LL Cool…zman sends with a huge smile and wink

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