Mr Immortal and Zman!

Gotta Love it!!

Mr. Immortal and Zman

Well, I just finished having lunch with Zman; he had to jet off somewhere but he commented on last week post and we got some comments from it.  But hell I  really  admire Zman that guy he is a tough guy that has had to put up with a lot of bullshit.  He will make it through; in the meantime I am the voice of this theatre.  I read all your complaints and let me tell you I don’t give a rat’s ass.  I mean really where would people be if there was no TV or video games or cellular phones.  Stupid ass Americans would have to learn to read.  I believe most idealistic Americans just go through the motions.  Ozzy and Harriet my ass, Dad is working late giving it to his secretary and telling his dumbass wife oh honey I have a late meeting.  Meanwhile Harriet at home is taking care of Little Bobby and Sara, not too mention the plumber and his crack pipe friend. It’s so fucking pathetic, I almost hope the lights go out what would you all do.  No cellular phone, TV or media.  Learn to read, ha don’t make me laugh.  Americans would freak out and think it’s the end of the fucking world.  Really, what majority of sad asses around here have ever read a classic?  Moby Dick, Oliver Twist or the Count of Monte Cristo.  No Americans are too busy collecting there 92 weeks of unemployment while they are still hitting the fucking pipe.  Keep up with the mean comments, I like it.  Maybe I will make a video of me burning the flag then we will really have something to talk about….In case you are guessing, which is what Americans do most of the time…I was not born here..I was sadly naturalized later in life by family. Where I come from citizens actually read and finish college……….so move the fuck on planet earth.

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Guilty or Not Guilty!!

You Decide!!

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the First Addition of You Decide.  In this case I will be asking for a simple Guilty or Not Guilty vote in the case of Highwayman vs The blog world and FB world.  I will lay out all the facts in this case and let you decide if Highwayman is either guilty or not guilty of poor judgement.

Fact:  On the morning of 9 June 2012, I received a phone call from my mother telling me that My grandmother had died earlier in the morning. She was 93 and had been sick for quite a while.

Fact:  Growing up,  my grandmother had a big impact on myself and my brothers.  Highway is one of my older brothers. It was always fun going to Grandmothers house for Christmas and holidays.  I am willing to bet that all of my siblings have fond memories of big cereals bowls and watching pro wrestling at midnight at grandma’s house.

Fact:  Grandma immersed herself in our hobbies growing up.  I watched Yankee games with her and she was wildly interested in helping my brother (Slickman) build his baseball card collection.  Which was priced some years ago at more than 4,000 dollars.

Fact:  My brother Highwayman on the morning following my Grandmothers passing, posted comments about my Grandmother that could be described by most as insulting, inflammatory and lacked a basic decency.  All of my grandmother children are still alive and could have viewed the FB post.

Now I ask you if you were a godson or daughter or cousin or uncle how would you view behaviour like that.  Highway has had plenty of time to tell his side of the story in the past years, but only came forward with all this nastiness the day after Grandma’s passing. That to me sounds like it was done with malicious intent and its intent was to hurt those that were around grandma…You decide  GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY.

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A Life Sideways!!!

Serenity and Openess..this is what I need!!

Well,  I can remember being a kid watching mom and dad and thinking life will be a breeze, all I have to do is a little better finacially and I am set.  Nobody ever thinks things will go sideways to the point where they think holy crap how did I get here and who did I anger to get here.  I have a great guiding light in my life in my wife Penelope.  But shit, thats where it ends.  I have friends that have been and are where I am at, just one turn past Lost.  If all I wanted was to sit around, be on meds, collect my retirement/disability I would be set.  I find myself looking for direction, what holds my interest, what is the one thing that moves me forward and returns me to the path I think I used to be on.  I get pissed off cause I think the FAA are idiots, or DMV they just being assholes about things.  My docs, dont get me started about them..Medicine is an inexact science anyone that does not know that..well call me and I will tell you a story.  I wondered in 06 when I transferred from sea duty where I would be at this time.  YEAH THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND.  Talking to people I work with, I feel like such a dufus having to ask for this favor or that favor it sucks.  Since my seizure last week according to the DMV I cant drive for 6 months..so that takes me to February. So I find myself sideways trying to get forward again.  Life sucks right now,  got the bronchitis, no ride and still have not passed the R/E Final for which now I have to pay for.  I mean cmon how about a lucky break would ya please…Bright spot..Penelope and the return of Football…Darkness..everything else..just a quick this sucks how about you thought…

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