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Mr Immortal and Zman!

Gotta Love it!!

Mr. Immortal and Zman

Well, I just finished having lunch with Zman; he had to jet off somewhere but he commented on last week post and we got some comments from it.  But hell I  really  admire Zman that guy he is a tough guy that has had to put up with a lot of bullshit.  He will make it through; in the meantime I am the voice of this theatre.  I read all your complaints and let me tell you I don’t give a rat’s ass.  I mean really where would people be if there was no TV or video games or cellular phones.  Stupid ass Americans would have to learn to read.  I believe most idealistic Americans just go through the motions.  Ozzy and Harriet my ass, Dad is working late giving it to his secretary and telling his dumbass wife oh honey I have a late meeting.  Meanwhile Harriet at home is taking care of Little Bobby and Sara, not too mention the plumber and his crack pipe friend. It’s so fucking pathetic, I almost hope the lights go out what would you all do.  No cellular phone, TV or media.  Learn to read, ha don’t make me laugh.  Americans would freak out and think it’s the end of the fucking world.  Really, what majority of sad asses around here have ever read a classic?  Moby Dick, Oliver Twist or the Count of Monte Cristo.  No Americans are too busy collecting there 92 weeks of unemployment while they are still hitting the fucking pipe.  Keep up with the mean comments, I like it.  Maybe I will make a video of me burning the flag then we will really have something to talk about….In case you are guessing, which is what Americans do most of the time…I was not born here..I was sadly naturalized later in life by family. Where I come from citizens actually read and finish college……….so move the fuck on planet earth.

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Happy Mothers Day 2011

My Wife Penelope's Ma

Well,  With Mothers Day tomorow it gets me to thinking about how great my mother actually is.  I will be the first to tell you that, I have not always been the best son.  I see things my way and think I am right all the time.  Let me tell you about the Zman’s mother.  She is heaven sent, yes sir right from the big man himself.  I know right out the gate she doted on me, and I was the apple of her eye.  I cant remember a time when I was younger when MOM didnt bend over backwards to make sure I was happy and content.  I remember the time she took me to see the Lone Ranger, she hated it but it was to make me happy.  Of course when grade school came around, we would go to Friendly’s in the morning before school.  To the best of my knowledge I was the only child (I have 3 older brothers) she did this with.  Did I mention there were days when Mom said I didnt have to go to school and YEAH DAD never knew.  My Grandmother (her mother) made the best tuna fish for me and used to say “I made this special for you, so dont tell your brothers”  and then winked at me and sent me on my way.  Mom always made sure I had some money in my pocket when i was younger even If it emptied hers.  Mom would go to the wrestling matches at the Garden and fake like she liked it, but it was for her families enjoyment.  There was the time when she bought some tickets, to go see some plays and musicals on Sunday to get some culture in me.  My mom let me have my first beer (ooops not suppose to say that..Orlando, Fla Disneyworld trip) once again no brothers just Mom, Dad and me.  Do you see a pattern here.  Mom had very humble upbringing, and after much hardwork became a great no I mean an OUTSTANDING school teacher.  Mom overcame a fear when she had to be by my side when I got sick.  Mom is about I think is THE BEST person I know.  I am truly blessed by our heavenly father to have her as my mother.  I can only hope I have lived up to her expectations and make her as proud of me as I am as proud to call her MOM. Just a quick I love my MOM thought…

Mom and me a few years back

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Highway’s Thoughts on Education!

Pay them what you owe them!!

GUEST BLOGGER  –  HIGHWAYMAN   – From time to time he is going to pipe in with his thoughts.  He can also be found on Facebook at (Matt Mc) without further ado I present>>

Today I had begun to think of all the layoffs in our school system here in New York. And one thought came to mind, I am so sick and tired of hearing how it is the teachers fault, when in fact the fault lies with the school administrators and the taxpayers. Yes most taxpayers are guilty folks simply for the reason they feel well the high taxes keep out the undesirable element and riff raff. Now how true is that scenario?.   Myself I think that most folks are blind to the fact that the higher the school taxes the more folks leave the island.  I heard a saying a while back how Long Island is going to end up looking like Detroit,  burned out buildings, abandoned store fronts and a soaring crime rate.  Funny our county executives and our legislators do not think so, but how intelligent are these nitwits anyway?.  Funny all these school cuts I hear about don’t affect the kids? Well ladies and gentleman they do.  When we make budget cuts all programs are cut, so as I say I think it is time to stand up to these bullies and let our voices be heard for let us save our teachers jobs and our children’s rights to a good education and lastly a decent place to raise our youngsters in the years to come…Highway concludes..

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