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OH !! OH !! I Know this One!!!!

Hmmm I know this or Do I ? !!!!

Hmmm I know this or Do I ? !!!!

Let’s play a game and see how much attention is paid to someone else.

HOW  WELL  DO I KNOW   THE  ZMAN!!!!   (Without reading old posts!!)

1.   What is Zman’s wife real name   …Penelope…Lisa….Carla…Darla….Sophia

2.  What is Z’s number one fear  …Agoraphobia…Hydraphobia….Nyctophobia…Arachnaphobia…Pensaphobia

3.  What ailment/illness did Z have in 2007…..Broken Back from Plane Crash….Pancreatitus…Cancer…..West Nile Virus ……Rickets

4.  What kind of work does Z do…Military/Navy…Military Sealift Command….Washington D.C Police Officer…Probation Officer….Coast Guard

5.   Where is Z originally From……New Jersey…..Connecticut….Maryland……Delaware…..New York


Besides his own blog what is Z’s Favorite Website……

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Dam Scale Must be Busted!!

Blogging Award from Pete at Straight Drive

Blogging Award from Pete at Straight Drive

My Enemy!!
My Enemy!!

One of the things that I have definetely changed courses on since last year, is that I hate having to watch what I weigh.  I have been telling Penelope that I have to lose weight cause the Bi Annual PFA is comin up in April.  PFA=Physical Fitness Assessment.  I used to cruise along well within weight standards, in fact I used to get upset because I could not gain weight.  Now I look at things a little differently in that I enjoy cannolis a little more, Umbertos when I am home,  fresh mozzarella,  fresh cheese cake.mmmmmmm.  Cause now I think hell life should be lived and enjoyed when you have the chance.  So I pay for it at the gym  325 calories is not easy on the stationary bike,  I live for the day that I dont have to watch what I eat (as much).. aahhh the lazy hazy days of my 1st retirement just a scant 3 yrs in the distance….Just a quick hey get a load of fatso thought…

P.S.  I would like to thank Kanagu over at Straight Drive for the Award that was very Kind – Zman sends

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Everyone should have some sort of goal in there life, be it climb a mountain, write a book etc so on and so forth. I have decided one of my goals while yes a bit sedate is going to be cycle 2,000 miles. No I am not going to pick up and leave for LA…I will base it on a daily average and see how quickly I can get to that milestone.  I should be able to do it, in under a year.  I wanted to run a marathon and maybe I still will but for now I am going to take up cycling and see where it gets me. Realistically I can do this by some time in early March..woo hoo so thats my goal..and oh yeah GO GIANTS….just a quick exercising thought…

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