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Neighbors or Shotguns!!!

Aahhh Peace!!

Aahhh Peace!!

Every now and then Penelope and I have the conversation about where we want to eventually move to and settle down.  Most of the time I start the conversation and to be fair, I tend to be wishy washy about where I would like to live.  Somedays I want to live here somedays I want to live their or the other place.  There is however one common theme with my choice of home, in that I would like a little more land and have some seclusion from neighbors.  Now I am not talking about a small cabin in the rocky mountains, but certainly an acre or two with my nearest neighbor a football field or so  away would be great.  Penelopes’ argument is one that the seclusion is too quiet and what about if someone wants to do harm to us living in the sticks breeds that she says.  I myself dont discount that argument, but flood lights, dogs and shotguns are usually a great deterrent to most folks lurking around.  Penelope grew up in the city  and likes the close knit community i.e. Neighbor right there.  I can see that and it does make sense,  but I just think the older you get the more peace and quiet you have and need.  For me, real peace and serenity is living a quiet life with my penelope away from the hussle and bussle of the city, sitting on the porch and talking about what if we were filthy rich what would we do…..Thankfully we dont have to make a moving decsion now and can put it off for the time being….just a quick life thought…

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